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Scam : Twitter Bitcoin Scammers Pose As Customer Service Got Arrested

Scam Alert

On March 17, two Canadian brothers, 23-year-old Jagroop Singh Khathar and 24-year-old Karanjit Singh Khathar, were sentenced in federal prison for two years for committing theft using their fake Twitter account, according to United States Justice Department.

Oregon resident tricked by the Canadian Nationals through use of a fake Twitter Account

The two Canadian scammers tricked an Oregon resident in Twitter when they posed as “trusted” customers’ service representatives of HitBTC– an online platform in Hong Kong for web-based “wallets” that stores virtual currency and for virtual currency exchange.

The brothers used a fake Twitter account under the name @HitBTCAssist to communicate with the victim, responding to her questions and other inquiries regarding the virtual currency withdrawal of her HitBTC account.

After the scammers lured the victim into trusting them even more, the defendants manipulated their target to send details of her account that they used to log in and hacked the victim’s email.

The suspects were able to process 23.2 bitcoins, which is equivalent to $118,000, from the victim’s HitBTC account to the Kraken account of Karanjit. After the illegal transaction, the Khathars then divided stolen earnings transferring almost 11.6 bitcoin from Karanjit’s account to Jagroop’s Kraken account.

The brothers immediately spent the money they stole. Days after the scam, Karanjit was arrested by the FBI on July 18, 2019, at the McCarran International Airport of Las Vegas and was later given a detained pending trial.

After a few days of Karanjit’s arrest, his brother also voluntarily turned himself in, and both pleaded guilty on December 16, 2019.


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