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Ethereum Scammers and Impersonators Out in Full Force Ahead of The Merge

Scam Alert

Many scammers and impersonators have taken to social media to prey on unwary users ahead of the Ethereum Merge. PeckShield has warned users not to click on phishing links. Users are advised not to interact with fake accounts and click on suspicious links.

In the hours before The Ethereum Merge takes place, scammers have come out in full force, attempting to steal funds from users. Investors do not have to do anything with their ETH for The Merge, should not click on any suspicious links, or interact with fake accounts.

The Ethereum Merge has brought scammers and impersonators, with social media being flooded with bad actors trying to capitalize on the event. Several types of scams are taking place on Twitter and other channels, and users are being warned not to fall for them.

Vitalik’s imposter account: Twitter

One of the most common types of scams, which has existed for many years, involves bad actors impersonating Vitalik Buterin and providing links under the guise of giving away free ETH. These links mislead individuals into giving access to their crypto wallets.

They go to the lengths of using Buterin’s image as the profile picture — but looking at the Twitter handle itself, one can see that the names are different. Buterin has only one account on Twitter — @VitalikButerin — and users are advised to dismiss other accounts. The Ethereum co-founder himself has said on multiple occasions that there are no giveaways and asked users not to fall for scams.

Vitalik’s original Twitter handle: Twitter

Another popular type of scam is the phishing attempt. Many websites have popped up, targeting unwary users, and PeckShield has warned users of the websites and scams. The security company has also cautioned users not to fall for these phishing attempts.

Protecting yourself as scams populate social media

Bad actors have always existed in the crypto space, even as companies and projects try to clamp down on it. To protect yourself, there are several things you can do.

First and foremost, users are advised not to click spam links that are presented by phishing accounts. As always, they should not share private keys with anyone. They may also receive messages from fake accounts on social media and other communication channels, and should simply ignore them.

ETH holders needn’t do anything to prepare for The Merg: Ethereum

The Merge requires ETH holders to do nothing. The Ethereum documentation on the Merge explicitly states that users do not need to do anything to their funds as it takes place.

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