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How to buy bitcoin on Paybis


Established in 2014, Paybis is a UK-based cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to buy and sell digital currencies and provide liquidity services for fintech companies. The exchange currently offers support for 11 cryptocurrencies. The exchange has maintained a strong focus on privacy and customer support. Paybis is accessible to users in over 180 countries globally who can buy supported digital currencies using 47 different fiat currencies. The cryptocurrency exchange is also regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This guide will provide an in-depth review of the Paybis exchange.

How to Get Started with Paybis

1. Register

To sign up on the platform, go to the Paybis website and then click on the “sign up” button. Here you will be required to provide your email address and a password. You can also use your social media accounts such as Facebook to sign up.

2. Deposit Funds

Once you have registered on the platform, you need to deposit funds, and this can be done through various methods such as direct bank transfer, Skrill, Neteller, Credit/Debit cards and even through crypto such as Bitcoin. It usually takes anywhere between 24 hours to five business days for the funds to hit your account, depending on the payment method.

3. Start Trading

Now you can buy any of the ten cryptocurrencies supported by Paybis using 47 major fiat cryptocurrencies and multiple payment methods. The user interface is simple and will appeal to both new and advanced users. The exchange has worked a lot on providing a customised user experience, making Paybis a good exchange for trading purposes.

Paybis Interface and User Experience

The moment you land on the homepage of the Paybis exchange, you will realise how simple and clean the UI is. Whether you are a seasoned trader or just starting your trading journey, you will find the user interface easy to use.

Paybis has especially focused on both the design and experience to ensure all types of users, even those who might not be as technologically savvy can understand the different features. Once you have registered and verified your account, you can start buying cryptocurrencies directly using 47 different fiat currencies and several payment modes, including bank transfer, credit or debit card, and e-payment systems.

On the home page, you will see the current prices of all the supported tokens in USD. You can change it to the fiat currency of your choice. You will also see the volume of transactions in the last 24 hours, along with the most recent transactions.

The various tabs described below are listed neatly for a convenient experience for the users.

Referrals & Affiliates – Paybis offers a lucrative programme for those who can bring more users to the platform. The exchange pays up to 20% commission on all digital currency purchases made by referrals.

Exchange – This allows you to buy Bitcoin or any supported cryptocurrencies using a credit or debit card.

Liquidity Service – If you are a fintech business looking for cryptocurrency liquidity, you can get it from Paybis.

Buy / Sell – You can use this to buy specific cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, DOGE, and more. However, the selling is only limited to BTC.

Calculator – If you are looking to determine how many BTC or any other digital currency tokens you will get for your fiat money, the calculator provides you with an easy way.

Prices – As the name suggests, here, you can see the prices of all the supported digital currencies.

Learn – This section contains a blog, FAQs, and a support portal so you can get the required assistance and training whenever you want.

Key Considerations for Paybis

If you want to use Paybis for buying and trading bitcoins and other digital currencies, you need to take some factors into account. We have prepared a detailed overview of some of the most crucial variables that make Paybis one of the leading crypto exchanges for buying BTC and other cryptocurrencies.

Limits & Liquidity

Although there are no restrictions on buying digital currencies, you might have to face a few limitations because of the exchange’s regulatory compliance and your selected payment mode. If you have gone through an extensive KYC procedure and have submitted the required documentation, certain restrictions can be lifted. You can buy Bitcoin or other digital currencies worth up to $20,000 a day with a monthly limit capped at $50,000.

The liquidity of an exchange is its ability to complete a purchase order without substantially affecting the digital asset price. The higher the exchange’s liquidity, the more affordable digital currencies are. Paybis shows platform transactions on its home page in real-time and also provides liquidity services to Fintech businesses. These factors demonstrate the high liquidity of the exchange.

Safety, Security & Privacy

Paybis exchange adheres to the UK FCA and FinCen regulations while also ensuring compliance with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) protocols. This means that the personal data and digital funds of the users are stored safely and securely. Moreover, Paybis is a non-custodial exchange, which means that it does not hold its users’ digital funds on the exchange, removing the chances of theft.

Apart from being FCA compliant, Paybis ensures adherence to EU and US regulations. Paybis also enables traders to use two-factor authentication, which provides an additional layer of security.

Deposit Time & Transaction Speed

Since you can buy digital currencies on Paybis exchange using a debit or credit card, deposits are almost instantaneous. However, the average time taken to verify a user can be up to 5 minutes, while the coins you have purchased can take 10 minutes to show up in your account. If you want quick deposit and transaction speeds, make sure you provide high-quality documentation for KYC.

On the other hand, if you use wire transfer for depositing your funds and purchasing cryptocurrencies, it may take up to 5 business days for a transaction to complete.

Paybis Fees

Paybis offers support for multiple payment modes with different charges. You have to keep in mind that the fee might change depending on numerous factors. Fundamentally, there are three types of fees: credit or debit card fee charged by the payment processor, Paybis service fee, and the blockchain network charges.

Credit/debit cards – 5% + 5% + 0.1 USD Skrill – a 3.54% + 6.95% + 0.1 USD Neteller – 3.54% + 5.95% + 0.1 USD Payeer – 4.95% + 0.1 USD Advanced Cash – 3.95% + 0.1 USD

You will also have to pay a fee at the time of withdrawing your digital funds. This fee structure is as follows:

Credit/debit card – 3.8% + 2 USD Skrill – 1% Neteller – 3.95% + 2% Payeer – 0.45% + 1% Advanced cash – 3.95% EUR bank transfer (SEPA) – 1.5% + 1 EUR EUR bank transfer (wire) – 1.5% + 45 EUR Bank transfer EUR (SEPA) – 1 EUR + 1.5% + 0.09 EUR Bank transfer USD (wire) – 3% + 0.1 USD

Customer Support

Paybis offers exceptional customer care, and you can reach out to the support team using a number of channels. You will find the customer support active and more than happy to provide any answers.

You can also use Live Chat to chat with a customer representative but currently, the support is only available in English, Russian and Latvian. You can also contact customer support through phone and Skype.

How to Use Paybis

When you first join Paybis, the first thing that you may wonder is how to use the platform for buying, selling, or trading bitcoins and other digital currencies. We have prepared a detailed guide for you to ensure you understand every process involved in trading cryptocurrencies.

How to Deposit on Paybis

Paybis allows its customers to use a wide range of payment methods to buy cryptocurrencies,, including BTC. However, there are some minimum and maximum buying limits which you need to take into consideration.

Credit / Debit Card – The minimum transaction amount should be $60, with the maximum being capped at $20,000. The monthly order limit is also restricted to $50,000. Skrill / Neteller – With these two payment methods, the minimum order you need to place is $50 while the maximum transaction amount can be up to $25,000. There are also weekly and monthly limits of $50,000 and $200,000, respectively. Bank Transfer – If you are using bank transfer, you need to buy at least $200 worth of digital tokens. The maximum order value can be $200,000. Weekly and monthly limits, in this case, are $200,000 and $500,000, respectively. Bitcoin – When you want to use Bitcoin to pay for your order, the minimum and maximum amounts are $50 and $25,000, with a daily limit capped at $250,00

How to Buy Bitcoin on Paybis?

After you have deposited funds into your account, you are now ready to trade and purchase your favourite cryptocurrencies. Paybis will automatically redirect you to its exchange so you can start your trading journey.

Step 1 – If you aren’t already on the exchange page, go to the page and select your desired payment method. You can choose from a drop-down list when you click on “You Spend”. Here you can also specify which fiat currency you will be using for your purchase. Once you’ve made your choices, it’s now time to enter the amount you are looking to spend.

Step 2 – Now, you will have to do the same but in the “You Receive” section. You can select the cryptocurrency you want to buy from a drop-down menu.

Step 3 – Now, all you have to do is click on “Buy Bitcoin”.

Looking at the claims of being the easiest exchange for buying bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, we were sceptical at first. However, our smooth and well-managed registration, verification, and trading processes ensured that our experience was as simplified and fluid as promised.

Whether you are on the exchange or any other web page, Paybis has designed the entire website with simplicity in mind. You won’t see any unnecessary features or options that make the UI and UX feel cluttered. The downside is that a lot of advanced features aren’t here, which experienced traders might want.

How to Send Bitcoin on Paybis?

Paybis does not provide dedicated online cryptocurrency exchange wallets. Therefore, to send BTC on Paybis, you need to purchase the required Bitcoin amount and transfer it to your personal BTC wallet. Here’s how you can buy and send BTC to your wallet from Paybis.

Select the amount of BTC that you wish to purchase and send to an external wallet. You can select from various options such as mobile wallets (Atomic or Exodus) or hardware wallets such as Ledger or Trezor. Then, simply enter the BTC wallet address, enter your payment method and click on purchase. That’s it. You are good to go.

How to Withdraw Money on Paybis

Paybis allows you to withdraw money through various methods. Domestic payments in GBP are processed on the same day, while SWIFT transfers are processed on the next working day.

SEPA, CHAPS and Fedwire payment transfers are also processed on the same working day.

You can also receive money through PayPal, Payeer, Skrill or Neteller.

What Makes Paybis Different from Other Exchanges?

While there are many digital currency exchanges that you can use, including Binance, CEX.io, and KuCoin, Paybis brings a level of simplicity that cannot be found anywhere else. If you don’t want to concern yourself with advanced trading options and simply want to buy a cryptocurrency such as BTC and store it, Paybis offers the most streamlined and convenient user experience.

Apart from that, the exchange is regulated in multiple countries, and you get support for 47 fiat currencies along with various payment modes.

Paybis Pros and Cons


One of the most accessible cryptocurrency exchanges to use Supports 47 fiat currencies and multiple payment modes Regulated by FCA and FinCen along with US and EU compliance Round the clock available customer support The platform is accessible in 9 different languages Transparent and easy to understand the fee structure Takes only 15 minutes to go through the registration and verification process Support for both individual and business users Offers lucrative referrals and affiliate programme


Some countries are still not supported You can only sell Bitcoin using Paybis A limited selection of cryptocurrencies

Final Thoughts | Is Paybis Legit?

Paybis has received many positive reviews on TrustPilot. The user interface is well laid out, and customer support is always accessible as well. This means that Paybis is good as any other leading crypto exchange. It provides ease of use, simplicity, support for payment modes and currencies, and has an envious global reach, making it one of the best emerging cryptocurrency exchanges for both advanced and new traders.

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