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How to Buy Dogecoin in Uk


How to buy Dogecoin

Investing in Dogecoin is now quite easy since there are a multitude of options available for investors in the UK.

There are numerous providers that offer buying cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin and others, with notably low fees. 

Binance & BC Bitcoin

One of the most popular and inexpensive options is Binance, which is a well-known cryptocurrency exchange. It can be used to buy Dogecoin via direct bank transfers and charges less than one percent fees for buying Dogecoin on its platform. It is currently the only exchange that enables one to buy Dogecoin directly by paying via GBP. 

Similarly, BC Bitcoin is a well-known broker in the UK that enables buying and selling crypto. It offers added convenience while buying or selling cryptocurrencies, however, it also charges a minimum of 5% in fees. 


Bitpanda is another crypto broker that offers buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Do note that there’s Bitpanda and Bitpanda Pro, which differ in the services they offer.

While Bitpanda enables one to buy cryptocurrencies or digitised metals, the Pro variant is a digital asset exchange for advanced users who are keen to trade large volumes manually or connect automated trading bots.

The fee structure used by the provider depends on the volume you’re trading and you can view it in detail here


For people who are starting with cryptocurrency investment, Kriptomat might be a better option.

The government-regulated European cryptocurrency exchange offers purchase, store, send, and receiving cryptocurrencies.

One can transact for crypto via all major EUR payments and you can check out their fees structure in detail here. 

More options 

In case you want to pay for Dogecoin via Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, Changelly, ShapeShift and Bittrex are considerable options. The three platforms also charge less than 1 percent fees for their services. 

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