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How Do I Verify My Gemini Account?


To verify your Gemini account and complete your registration follow the steps below:

Go to Log into your account (or create one if you haven’t already) Go to the My Account tab Select Verify your identity and follow the instructions

You will be required to provide some documentation. Gemini's verification process can take between 2-5 business days. Once the verification process is completed, full trading and transfer capabilities will be enabled for your account.

Required Documentation

For U.S. Applicants you'll need to provide proof of identity. This could be your valid state-issued ID, driver’s license, passport or passport card.

For International Applicants Gemini may require proof of address along with proof of identity. This will depend on your country of residence. Proof of identity could be your passport from your country of citizenship; national ID and/or driver’s license from your country of residence as registered with Gemini. Proof of address could be a full-page scan of either a bank statement, utility, cable, or cell phone bill for service to your home address (e.g., electric, gas or water). The document must display your name, current residential address, and must be dated no later than 90 days prior to the date of submission.

Supported Countries

Gemini currently supports all U.S. states except Hawaii. Gemini also supports Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and the UK. For the full list of support countries please see Gemini's Areas of Operations.


Once your account is connected and verified, you will receive your Creator/Publisher payout around the 8th of every month, provided you connected before the 1st of the month and have over 5 BAT payable per channel. (note - Payouts for Gemini and Uphold happen at the same time).

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