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Top pre-sales of cryptos for July 2022 (huge potential ?)


Crypto pre-sales continue to gain popularity among investors. They allow investors to position themselves early on new projects with high potential. The pre-sale market is a great opportunity to make huge returns on investment.

However, it can be difficult to navigate the flood of new projects that emerge every month. Our guide gives you the most promising cryptos for this July 2022!

1. Battle Infinity, the new Play to Earn star game

For this first position, we have selected the IBAT token! This one is related to the game Battle Infinity, a Play to Earn game from League Fantasy. Battle Infinity takes the concept of Axie Infinity and changes the recipe and improves it. The team of this project intends to surf on the metaverse trend to conquer a maximum of people.

This crypto has huge ambitions by integrating a rich and varied universe to explore. There is no time to get bored with all the content that the Battle Infinity team has worked hard to add. The game revolves around a “Battle Arena” where you can compete against players from all over the world in epic matches.

IBAT stands out for the quality of its decentralized finance system (DeFi in English). To top it all off, the project already has an authentication system worthy of the name. The company Coinsniper already ensures the KYC of all the new purchasers of the token!

To acquire one, you just have to go to the pre-sale site and connect your metaMask wallet to Binance. If you don’t know how to create your crypto wallet, go here.

Crypto assets are a risky and volatile investment.

2. BabyApeCoin (BAPE), a token that honors memes

A token from a very original idea! BabyApeCoin is inspired by the success of ApeCoin and wants to offer late investors a new opportunity to invest.

One of the big advantages of the token is its fixed reward system. The amount of reward is thus conditioned to the volume of tokens exchanged on the market. This helps to offset the effects of massive first-time sales when the crypto is released.

At the time of its release, you can view the price of each token via our crypto price page in real time!

Finally, the mechanism encourages token holders to keep them. Indeed, the earnings increase from day to day each time someone buys or sells a BAPE token.

For the moment, the BAPE token is still in the very early stages of the project. The roadmap presented by the team however foresees many events for the community. You will have the opportunity to collect NFT tokens shortly!

3. The EstateX (ESX) token is based on the real estate niche

The purpose of this crypto is to facilitate trading in the real estate sector. With this one, it will be possible for you to buy a part of a property with other buyers directly from the platform.

The EstateX token is a crypto-currency that has already attracted a lot of attention. Its system is based on real estate interests with more than 5800 followers on its Twitter accounts.
These fractions of the property will be able to be traded, sold, and bought in no time. And we can say that the “tokenized” market for real estate seems very promising with nearly 1.5 trillion euros estimated in 2024.

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