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Top 3 Best Centralized Exchanges For June 2022


What Are Centralized Exchanges (CEX)?

Centralized exchanges are platforms that are maintained and controlled by a major entity. These platforms maintain the particulars and accounts of users safe. Users are equipped with hot wallets as the platform carries on to the private keys of their wallets. Transactions on centralized exchanges are fast. In this, traders don’t communicate with smart contracts, making transactions automated.

Centralized exchanges give a small extent of obscurity. This is because they are a central entity and follow the laws and restrictions of their countries. The platforms demand traders to give their details and confirm them upon registration. Also, traders are given different tokens that they can buy. One of the elements that stands centralized exchanges out is the clarity of carrying out actions on the platforms. 


Kraken is one of the most recognized crypto exchanges. At the time of writing this, more than 100 different cryptocurrencies are listed on Kraken. It has trading expenses of 0.16% and 0.26% respectively.

The exchange fulfills the requirements of regulators in every country where it operates. It comes with various features such as staking, margin, and futures trading. The platform has grown globally. The moderately complex user interface and the lack of investment security are some of the negligible drawbacks, but this is not a paramount concern considering the otherwise very solid advantages.

It has a low-fee margin trading. It is a more complicated arrangement of investment that can potentially bring more high returns. It also offers fortunes trading on distinct cryptocurrencies. Margin fees vary by cryptocurrency. Just like many crypto exchanges, Kraken mostly utilizes a maker and taker cost estimation. Basically, this indicates that users get a lower fee if they combine liquidity into the market rather than taking it away. The 24-hour trading volume is almost $505 million.

Some features are:

  Minimum deposit: 1 EUR    Fees: from 0.16 %    Headquarter: USA    Foundation: 2013    Cryptocurrencies: 161    Leverage: up to 1:5



Binance is one more crypto exchange with prestige and popularity in the crypto market. It was launched by Changpeng Zhao. Binance is now the top crypto exchange when it comes to trade volumes.

After China prohibited cryptocurrencies in 2017, Changpeng Zhao shifted Binance’s headquarters to Japan. In the past few years, the branches are founded in different countries. In 2020, CZ shifted the firm to Malta, a country acknowledged for its openness towards crypto and blockchain. At the moment, the headquarter of Binance is now on Caymans Island, with its other offices dispersed over 50 sites worldwide.

Binance offers traders a comprehensive list of digital assets. The platform is still growing the number of supported tokens. The platform has a vast collection of tokens. At the time of writing this, it has almost 336 cryptocurrencies listed on its platform. The 24-hour trading volume is $10.14 billion.

It has a desktop app but it delivers mobile users a mini version on their Android and iOS devices. Binance charges withdrawal fees according to the market trends while keeping coins on the platform is free. Trading fees on the crypto exchange are 0.1% when users don’t return the expenses using BNB. Hosting a wallet on the Binance is completely unrestricted.

Binance can process 1,400,000 orders per second and keeps multiple cryptocurrencies. Binance benefits more than 15,000,000 users globally.

Some features are:

   Minimum deposit: 15 EUR    Fees: 0.1%    Headquarter: Cayman Islands    Foundation: 2017    Cryptocurrencies: 500+    Leverage: up to 1:125


Bitfinex is also a great platform to buy cryptocurrencies. Besides, users can buy or sell their digital assets or hold them safe. Bitfinex has a distinct interface for new traders and experienced traders like many exchanges.

This makes it comfortable for new traders to move and use elementary services. So, if users wish to trade or invest casually and are not inquisitive about more progressive options, they can efficiently access a more explicit interface. On the other hand, experienced traders can use many tools for trading. If users require a good platform with exceptional trading attributes then they should trade with Bitfinex. This trading platform is also famous for its intense emphasis on security and stability. 

Some features:

   Minimum deposit: 10.000 EUR     Fees: 0.1% Maker, 0.2% Taker    Headquarter: British Virgin Islands    Foundation: 2012    Cryptocurrencies: 170+     Leverage: up to 1:100

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