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How to reset coinbase password


I can't remember my password

In the event you forget your password, please use the following steps to reset it:

Visit the Password Reset page. Enter your email address and click Reset password. This will send an email to the address you entered. You must click the link in the email to open the new password page. If you run into trouble after clicking the link, please see the next section for help. Type in the new password you want to use and click Confirmation. You can now use your new password to Sign In.

Check out our Password FAQ to learn about password requirements on Coinbase and more.

Why can't I reset my password?

Coinbase takes a number of steps to ensure the security of our customers' accounts. These include enforcing strong passwords, two-factor authentication, and device verification.

When a customer attempts to reset their password, we take precautions to ensure that it is a legitimate request. This means that our customers may only reset their passwords from devices they have previously verified, or from locations they have previously logged in from. This requirement provides a safeguard against attempts to illegitimately reset your password.

If you are having trouble resetting your password, you will need to:

Reset it from a device you have previously used to access Coinbase. Reset it from a location (IP address) you've previously used to access Coinbase.

As a security precaution, if you reset your password from a new device, you won’t be able to send crypto from your account for up to 48 hours. To avoid this send restriction, request a password reset from a previously authorized device.

If you no longer have access to a previously validated device or IP address, please contact Coinbase Support so we can have a member of our security team assist you with a password reset.

Important: Coinbase Support will NEVER ask for your account password or 2-step verification codes. 

Why will my password reset require 24 hours to process?

As noted above, Coinbase only processes password reset requests from devices that have been previously authorized to access your account. If you are resetting your password from a new device, our system may delay the processing time for 24 hours in the interest of keeping your account secure. This can be bypassed by resetting your password from a previously verified device. 

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