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How to set up a Mercuryo account


Step 1: Download the Mercuryo app from the App Store or Google Play;

Step 2: Select your region, input your phone number, and agree to the Terms of Service after carefully reading through them;

Step 3: You will then be sent a four-digit code to your mobile phone; after inputting the code, the app will take you to a screen where you can verify your identity, or you can select skip and go directly through to the wallet.

Step 4: At this stage, you now have access to the wallet and can use its features once fully verified. From downloading and installing the app to inputting your number and entering the wallet, the whole process takes less than 2 minutes.

Mercuryo’s pros and cons


The platform supports currency exchange from cryptocurrency to fiat currency and vice versa; A modern up to date mobile wallet that is easy to use; Major fiat currencies and popular cryptos are supported; Mercuryo is continuously innovating, for example, the anticipated prepaid Visa card that customers can use to spend cryptocurrency online and in-store; A generous referral program; Holds operating licenses registered under MoneySwap OÜ, MSB status in the United States, registered in FCA as a PSD agent in the United Kingdom, and planning to acquire an EMI license.


Limited deposit options; Not protected by the FSCS.

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