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How to buy bitcoin using Poloniex exchange


Poloniex crypto exchange has a slick design and a simple user interface. Though it may not be the simplest option for a complete beginner, it should not be an issue if you’re a quick learner - every window is laid out clearly and sits in the right place.

First and foremost, you will notice Poloniex’s chart for the specific order book. It is powered by TradingView, so you can customize it with your preferred indicators and other analysis tools.

On the right side of the screen, you will see the “Markets” dashboard, where you can select cryptocurrency pair that interest you. At the moment, you can sort them by TRXBTCUSD (stablecoins), and ETH pairs.

Below, you will find the “Notices” box, which informs you about the latest developments concerning Poloniex exchange, as well as your account.

Next, you’ll see three orders placing windows for buying, placing stop-limit orders, and selling. Besides, you can observe buy and sell order books, market depth chart, your open orders, and trading history. If you enjoy the company, you can also check out Poloniex’s Trollbox, where you can chat with fellow traders.

The margin trading dashboard looks precisely like the spot trading window. The only difference is the “Margin Account” summary table on the right side of the screen, and your open positions summary below it.

When it comes to the margin lending section, you will find a clear and straightforward interface, too. Currently, Poloniex supports the lending of 16 crypto assets, but more are likely to be supported in the future. Here, you can find the latest markets and loan offers. Alternatively, you can create an offer with your preferred interest rate and conditions, too.

Performing any of these operations is easy, requiring only that the user transfer cryptocurrency from their exchange accounts to either their margin or lending accounts. This is also helped by the clear layout of Poloniex’s screens and pages, which have an uncluttered, white-background design.

Similarly, completion of trades and withdrawals is fairly quick, with the exchange stating that withdrawals will take no more than 24 hours at the very latest. That said, some customers have complained that, during peak trading periods, they can wait a while for a response from customer support.

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