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How to set Two Factor Authentication


 Two Factor Authentication is one of the way we voskcoins has taken to make sure your account is secured, in this guideline you will learn how to set up Two Factor Authentication on your account 

what is Two Factor Authentication?

Two-Factor Authentication (2FAworks by adding an additional layer of security to your online accounts. It requires an additional log in credential – beyond just the username and password – to gain account access, and getting that second credential requires access to something that belongs to you.

How does two-factor authentication work?

Here's how two-factor authentication works:

The user is prompted to log in by the application or the website. The user enters what they know -- usually, username and password. Then, the site's server finds a match and recognizes the user. For processes that don't require passwords, the website generates a unique security key for the user. The authentication tool processes the key, and the site's server validates it. The site then prompts the user to initiate the second login step. Although this step can take a number of forms, users have to prove that they have something only they would have, such as a security token, ID card, smartphone or another mobile device. This is the possession factor. Then, the user enters a one-time code that was generated during step four. After providing both factors, the user is authenticated and granted access to the application or website.

How to set Two Factor Authentication on your voskcoin account

Before you can set  2FA  on your account you must have login into your account, if you missed out guide on how to log in kindly read it Here

1. On your Dashboard Locate Account Security

2. Locate the 2FA section: 

Before you scan the QRCODE you must have Google Authenticator  on your mobile, to download google Authenticator  visit the site here

3. Open Google Authenticator on your mobile and scan the code

after you have scanned the code shown on your account Google Authenticator will display a code for you to input on the space, click on enable to allow 2FA on your account.

NB: the code on Google Authenticator expires every 5 seconds you have to be fast when inputting the code.

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