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How to Buy NFTs in India on WazirX?


NFT is not a hidden gem anymore. A new and exclusive term flooding in the crypto industry, but how to buy an NFT is something that creates a stoppage. 

ere we have come up with an article on how to buy NFT using WazirX, a platform that helps digital art investors buy NFTs in India.

In addition, the platform has a digital currency of its own called WRX. WazirX can be downloaded on Android, iOs, windows PC, and Mac. Finally, the platform is easy to use and provides the users with standard security practices.

WazirX NFTs

The first step is to go to the official web page of WazirX NFT. As you land on the web page, you will see numerous pieces of art displayed for you to choose from.

Before we go on to the next steps lets, get a brief of what does the header of the webpage has, it has  options like:

Drop: As you land on the web page, you are automatically on the “Drop” icon. You will see the top NFT pieces, the popular ones, and the current favourites, which are the platform’s latest drops. In addition, users can easily choose pieces from the drop itself. Discover: As the name suggests, clicking on “Discover” will help the user discover the NFTs. 

Users can sort these NFTs by price, recently added, most viewed, recently sold, and auction ending soon. 

Creators: Users can check out the creators of NFTs. By getting to know the creators, they can decide the NFT. Similar to discovery, the users can sort the creators by most creations, most followed, most recent, and most recommended. Collectors: Collectors are the artist and popular creators who list their NFTs for sale.  Feed: Users can create a feed for themselves by following at least five creators. Your feed will show all the art pieces and creations of the creators and collectors you followed. 

Select the NFTs to Buy on WazirX

Choose the NFT you wish to buy. Always analyze your budget, popularity, the creator, and most importantly, the piece’s authenticity. 

You can check the piece’s authenticity by taking your cursor on the icon that says “view proof of authenticity”. The platform then offers two such ways to check:

View on IPFS View on BSCScan

Do the necessities and finalize a piece for yourself that is worth your investment. 

Choose the NFT you wish to buy

Choose the NFT you wish to buy

Buy NFTs in India on WazirX

Now, as mentioned at the beginning of this how-to guide, you need to ensure those three things, and within a short span of time. After securing those points, you can either simply buy an NFT or Place a bid. Both ways, you will receive an NFT. For the purpose of this tutorial, let’s assume we are buying.

Now choose the art you wish to buy and click on the connect wallet button.

click on the connect wallet button

Click on the connect wallet button

We’d be using the metamask wallet. Now once, you click on the Connect wallet and unlock it, you’ll have to sign the transaction with your metamask account.

sign the transaction

Sign the transaction

After that, create an account on the WazirX NFT platform which would be directly linked to your metamask address.

create an account on the WazirX NFT platform

Once done, you can either make an offer for the art on sale or click on the buy button.

make an offer

make an offer

Now make sure you have sufficient WRX in your account below placing the bit. Once you’re sure about your account balance, click on the buy button on the page below and complete the transaction.

click on the buy button

click on the buy button

Frequently Asked Questions


How can I buy NFT in India?

NFTs can be bought on WazirX in India. 


How do I create a WazirX NFT account?

WazirX NFT account can be created by going to its official page. The platform asks for a display name, user name, and email ID. Click on register, and you will have your WazirX account created. Make sure you connect your wallet as well.


Can I mint NFT on WazirX?

Yes, the users can mint NFTs on WazirX. 


What are the minting Fees on WzirX?

WazirX does not charge any fees other than the transaction charges that are gas fees. 

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