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5 Altcoin to Invest in September 2022


Thinking of what cryptocurrency to buy in September other than Bitcoin and Ethereum? well, continue reading this post to find out.

1- Monero (XMR): an old but promising cryptocurrency based on privacy. Monero is a private, untraceable, and secure currency. Currencies like Monero are also called Privacy coins or privacy currency. XMR cryptocurrency was launched in 2014 and managed to gain a lot of popularity among the cryptocurrency community. The development of this cryptocurrency is completely based on the gifts and decisions of its community.

The XMR token reached a historical high of $517.62 in May 2021, which is a 243,000% growth from the historical low of $0.213 in 2015. Buying Monero can also be considered among the best future cryptocurrency investments in the field of digital currencies.

2- Dash: a future-oriented private cryptocurrency

Compared to many of the best up-and-coming cryptocurrencies featured in this article, Dash is an older cryptocurrency. Named in 2014, the project is an open-source blockchain and cryptocurrency focused on providing a fast and cheap global payment network with a decentralized nature. was developed According to the explanation provided by the developer of this cryptocurrency in its white paper, Dash seeks to improve Bitcoin by providing higher privacy and faster transactions.

The age of the Dash cryptocurrency project is not the reason for its inclusion in the list of the best future digital currencies. Many cryptocurrencies were born even before Dash, but they are not heard of today. But Dash has been steadily improving since its inception. On the other hand, this is a Privacy Coin; The more governments push to control the cryptocurrency space, especially the transactions within the most promising digital currencies and famous and widely used networks, the value of private coins such as Monero and Dash increases.

3- Tezos (XTZ): a leader in the rapid implementation of the latest capabilities

Tezos is a blockchain network based on smart contracts and almost similar to Ethereum, but it has a fundamental difference; Tezos aims to provide a much more advanced infrastructure so that it can evolve without the risk of a hard fork. Unfortunately, this is what Bitcoin and Ethereum have been dealing with since their inception.

Tezos calls itself “secure, scalable, and built to last.” This claim is acceptable and XTZ can be considered one of the future digital currencies. The developer claims that its smart contract language provides the precision needed for high-value use cases. According to the developer, the Tezos approach is forward-looking and will stay up-to-date long into the future, meaning it can implement the most up-to-date achievements in the blockchain industry very quickly (without the need for a hard fork).

4- GALA: one of the most powerful blockchain platforms for game development.

Gala, as one of the most promising digital currencies, is the token of the Gala Games platform. This strong platform grew significantly after the metaverse concept became hot, but considering its high potential, we expect it to experience a lot of growth in the future. The concept of “Play To Earn” was raised more than before with the extraordinary growth of Infinity Photo and many users were attracted to it. Now, for developers, one of the strongest and best platforms for building blockchain games is Gala Games. Its exclusive token is considered among the future cryptocurrencies.

As one of the strongest game development platforms, Gala Games wants to bring back creative thinking to players with the possibility of controlling games and special in-game assets with the help of blockchain technology. Its cryptocurrency is among the best and most promising in the field of metaverse. Buying a Gala can be a good investment.

5- LivePeer (LPT): the next generation of video streaming.

Unlike traditional video streaming services like YouTube, LivePear does not require hosting, storage, or distribution of the video. The project has developed an innovative technology to use the additional computing power of nodes to more efficiently share video from broadcasters to consumers. It’s not bad to know that the main source of Internet bandwidth usage around the world is video streaming; About 80% of global internet usage is related to it. In any case, the video files have a much higher volume!

Just like other decentralized blockchain projects such as FileCoin, LivePeer also greatly reduces costs and increases privacy compared to centralized services. For this reason, we consider it to be one of the promising digital currencies and the purchase of LPT currency is profitable.

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