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How to set up a new bitmain antmine R1

Cloud Mining

The R1 is generally very simple to set up, if you purchased from our web site. Here is the link to the User manual:

To set up the device:
1. Plug the unit into the electrical outlet
2. Plug the unit into your internet router with an Ethernet cord
3. From your computer you can see the R1 as an available wireless network. The name of the network is on the box in which the R1 shipped - there is a label on the side of the box. Look for the MAC:
4. In your browser, go to>>Antpool>>Log in>>Start mining>>Antrouter. You should see your Antrouter data

If you did not purchase from the website then skip Step 4 and follow these additional steps:
5. Go to and create a user account
6. From you computer, connect to the R1 from the wireless network list and open a browser. Type into the browser address bar. This will bring you to a login screen. The user name and password are both "root". 
7. Go to the Miner tab>>R1 Miner and enter your user name. Click "Save and Apply". Then go back to Step 4

Happy Mining!


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