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Bitmain Antmine DR5 Reviews , Price And Profitability

Cloud Mining

Antminer DR5 Review 2021: (Hashrate or Watt)Power, Profitability and Tuning (Configuration): New mining machines continue to appear despite the temporary stagnation in the virtual payment asset market. This means that not only miners-enthusiasts, but also business sharks are confident in the bright future of the cryptoindustry. Otherwise, no one would have invested huge sums in the development of the next series of ASICs.

Bitmain is setting the pace for the cryptocurrency arms race. Soon after the release of miners on 7 nanometer chips, under the SHA-256 algorithm, the company put on the market a batch of antminer dr5 devices working with Blake256R14.

Antminer DR5 specifications | Hashrate | Watt

In appearance, it resembles S15 and T15… Two-section case, with front-facing 120mm fans and a power supply attached to the right on the brackets. Let’s take a closer look at what a miner has, characteristics and features of work.

(maximum performance) 35 TH/s Hashrate,
(power saving mode) 25/26 TH/s Power consumption 1610
Watt Power consumption
(in economy mode) 1000/1040
Watt Energy efficiency
(in maximum performance mode) 46 J/TH Energy efficiency
(in economy mode) 40 J/TH Number of hash chips 216 Number of hash boards 3 Network connection RJ45 Ethernet10 / 100M Dimensions (edit) 238/178 / 297mm Net weight) 7.7 KG Noise level 76 dB Ambient operating temperature 25 – 40C

Bitmain Antminer DR5 ASIC Miner 1800W 34TH/S for DashCoin with Power Supply


The bitmain dr5’s dimensions, weight and power consumption are quite acceptable. The miner develops a good mining speed, the operating room temperature is standard for this type of device.

Top 3 Question and Answer on Amazon – Antminer DR5 Review

Question 1: The hashrate is 34 Th/s, is this correct? And this miner is for Dash right?

Answer: Hi, yes Sr the Hastrate is between 34 TH/s and 35 TH/s, Is for Dash.

Customer Answer: That is NOT CORRECT! antminer DR5 can ONLY mine DECRED. THIS DOES NOT MINE DASH!

Question 2: Will this mine btc as well or only dash??

Answer: BTC is mined with the SHA-256 algorithm. This does not support that algorithm and can only mine Dash and other Blake256R14 related coins.

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