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How You May Soon Be Able To Buy iPhone With Bitcoin, Dogecoin


Apple, Inc. could be a long way from selling its products and services in exchange for cryptocurrency payments but a telecom company is working on letting you buy an iPhone with your favorite crypto.

Satellite TV and wireless networking service DISH Network Corporation 

brought up the possibility of buying the latest gadgets with crypto or DeFi assets at its analyst event held in Las Vegas on Tuesday, the Verge reported.

Dish-owned Boost Mobile's CEO Stephen Stokols delved into the company's new postpaid wireless plan, dubbed Boost Infinite, due to be launched this fall. Stokols suggested two things that could sound music to the ears of crypto lovers.

He reportedly raised the possibility of customers buying the latest iconic devices such as iPhones with digital currency, including cryptos like Bitcoin and Dogecoin.

Stokols went a step further to suggest that you could get paid back for the unused data in digital currency.

"Imagine if there was a wireless carrier that embraced digital acceleration, the web 3.0 trends, to reshape the entire wireless experience. Or imagine if you could turn your unused data into a real digital currency," the CEO reportedly said.

Earlier this month, Dish Network commercially launched its 5G wireless service, called Project Genesis, in Las Vegas, offering a $30-a-month plan that promises unlimited data, text, and calling plan. The company is also giving out a Motorola Edge+ phone to use on the network. It plans to roll out this service in 120 cities in June, Bloomberg reported.

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