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How To Buy Bitcoin on


Bitcoin is the first ever cryptocurrency to be invented, and is ne of the top exchanges where you wan buy this asset from.

Bitcoin was developed to replace the regular fiat currency as a payment method and gradually, more countries are beginning to accept it as a payment method.

Bitcoin Market Trend and Prices

Bitcoin was first created and launched in 2009, it is today the number one cryptocurrency out there in terms of trading volume and market cap.

Bitcoin has seen a major rise in its price and also a huge dump since its emergence. In April, Bitcoin reached a peak value of $64863.10 It later dropped severely before bouncing back. The first price bubble with Bitcoin was seen in 2017, and then the latest one came in April 2021.

Bitcoin reached its all-time high value. The market cap of Bitcoin is around $874 billion, with 19 billion Bitcoins presently in circulation. This means that the value of one Bitcoin currently is around $46000.

If you are a novice and looking to begin buying BTC, this post will guide you through on how to do that on the platform.

How To Buy Bitcoin On

Buying Bicoin is always a straightforward process, and it’s no difference from getting it from the platform. The clean and sleek UI enables users to navigate the platform pretty quickly without any hassles. Here are a few simple steps to buy Bitcoin on

1.Go to the trade tab on the Home page.

2.Here amongst various trading pairs, choose the one with Bitcoin that best suits your needs.

3.Specify the amount of Bitcoin you want to buy and specify the price you want to buy it for.

4.The platform will ask you for a password, and once you type it in, you can place the order.

5.Once confirmed, you’ll receive the stipulated Bitcoin in your Gatechain wallet on the platform.

When Is A Good Time To Buy Bitcoin?

It is very important to do your own research before entering a market or buying a cryptocurrency. Bitcoin don’t usually have a stable price and so it will be tricky since it’s difficult for experts to predict the cryptocurrency’s journey. You can either buy Bitcoin for the long-term or buy and trade for some short-term goal.

It is very important to look out for factors such as price history, current trends, expert predictions, upcoming announcements, or news around the cryptocurrency, and more.

After your research, and have decided to buy (either for long-term or for short-term), you can use trusted crypto exchanges like to purchase.

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